Abrahamsson Co. is run by the creative couple, Mark and April on Long Island. They bring their minds together to design, build, and create simple, functional and unique products.


April Scarduzio is a graphic designer, illustrator, and crafter.

I grew up on Long Island where when I was 9 years old I used to draw pictures and try to sell them to my neighbors. At 13 I tried to make my own magazine (there was only one issue unfortunately). I've moved on since then and received my BFA in Graphic Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Now I find design solutions and share my handmade products.

I also run a design blog called seven-one with two of my talented gal friends.


I'm available for logo design, print design, simple websites and illustration. Feel free to shoot me an email and say hello! apeduzio@gmail.com


Mark Trafas is a maker, thinker, and bearded guy.

I grew up on Long Island where I became an Eagle Scout. At 18 I tried to start my own clothing line (it didn't go very far) which led me to my embroidery. For the past twelve years I've been providing custom embroidery and screen printing for various mediums as well as custom stickers. I'm always coming up with new ideas, products and inventions which I share through our shop of handmade products.


Feel free to contact me for embroidery, screen printing, sticker and growler carrier inquires mark.trafas@gmail.com